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A school psychologist never knows exactly what the day will include, much like my current position as a counseling assistant at Castle Park Middle School in Chula Vista. From this experience I know that spontaneity and high energy are vital for my growth and satisfaction within my career.

As an undergraduate I dedicated my best efforts toward my education and as a result, I graduated with high honors from the University of California, Santa Barbara earning a B. I soon attained full-time employment with the San Diego Center for Children, where I continue to volunteer on various weekends and holidays.

This facility is a residential treatment program for children with severe emotional disturbances resulting from abuse, neglect, homelessness, or abandonment. All of this has proven to be an invaluable learning experience. Complementing this experience is my current position as a counseling assistant. My responsibility is to provide various psychological and educational services to students who need additional assistance to succeed in school and in the community. I also want to provide nutrition education to support these marginalized communities, especially indigenous groups from Latin American countries.

This will help contribute to the physical development of kids and offer a solution to malnutrition. I know that all of my goals will remain dreams if I do not complete my medical degree. Therefore, I am committed to working hard in school and looking for opportunities that could help me make my goals a reality.

Build highly sought after skills and help fund your degree. For more scholarships, check out opportunities from our partner:. This resource provides a wide variety of scholarship essay examples for you to review. Career Goals Essay. Want to view scholarship essays on different topics? View More Essays. View our latest scholarships. The first test accounts for categories 1 and 2, innovation and optimization. What keeps you up at night?

If you could change one thing about the world to make it a better place, what would that change be? Does the problem relate to your professional history? What job would allow you to work toward solving the problem above? Starting your own company? Becoming the CEO of an existing company? However, if not…. You can reverse engineer a strong career goals essay goal. Your area of interest.

What Are Your Career Goals Essay

What field do you work in or hope to work in? Is there a through-line? How might you solve that problem? Can you propose a solution? Is there a job function that might allow you to work toward solving the major problem facing your area of interest? Check her out:. Katie our example applicant studied Classics during her undergraduate degree before pursuing a PhD in the field. She realized that what initially drew her to the field of Classics was the interdisciplinary approach it fostered—she could use modern approaches to say something new about age-old texts—but this was seen as pedestrian in the ivory tower of a PhD program.

How would Katie approach the stress-test in order to land on her ultimate goal? Take a look at her answers to the test below:. Access to education. Katie believes in higher education—it was the singular force that changed her life for the better—and she feels conviction in the idea that everyone deserves access to this type of education, even those who have to work full-time jobs. Katie wants to democratize education, thereby ultimately helping to increase socio-economic mobility and help working class people achieve the same goals as the more privileged class through equal access to education.

Does problem relate to your professional history?

Katie not only has an extensive academic record, having pursued a PhD in Classics, but also financial wherewithal from years of hedge fund management to potentially figure out a finance-backed solution to the problem of equal access to education. Her ultimate goal is to create her own venture connecting corporations with universities to provide alternatives to traditional four-year degrees, thereby allowing working class people to access higher education without taking on loads of debt, and continuing to provide for their families in the process.

And, with that, Katie has a problem that she is personally passionate about, has the experience to make her the one to solve it, and has a solution in terms of a future job function. Her long-term goal is therefore sound. Your long-term goal should be big. Even after your MBA, it should take years and years of professional development to reach your long-term goal. For example, say your goal is to alleviate poverty in sub-Saharan Africa by helping farmers access useful agricultural technologies.

Working at Goldman Sachs or McKinsey are fine short-term goals; so is taking a job at any existing company within your desired field in order to build up your skill set, or even launching a start-up venture that begins to address one aspect of your long-term goal. The most important thing to consider when isolating your short-term goal is whether it tracks with the long-term goal. That leaves you with point C: your short-term goal.

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You want to show through the short-term goal that you understand what it takes to pull off something big. A helpful formula for thinking about your short-term goal might be:. This is one of the biggest mistakes applicants make. They set awe-inspiring, impactful long-term goals, but then their short-term goal is to get recruited at top finance or consulting firm.

In fact, the majority of MBA graduates do it. That said, you need to reconcile your short-term goal with your long term vision.

Why MBA? What are your goals? How to answer the career goals essay

That tracks. The best way to think about your short-term goal is to consider it as part of your 10, hours of practice leading up to your long-term goal. The MBA should prepare you with the skills necessary to accomplish your long-term goal.

Scholarship Essay Examples – Career Goals

Katie knows first-hand about education, and she also knows a lot about working for an investment fund. The MBA will connect her with resources and networks while also giving her management skills to start her own fund and assemble a team. How could a future education innovator best prepare to tackle her vision?

There are a few possibilities. She could join an education startup with similar aims as her own—perhaps one like Glimpse K12, which works with education finance, where she could learn best practices. In this example, she could leverage the business skills she gained through her MBA to begin a trial run of her future vision with this one university, working to find corporate partnerships for that specific university in the hopes of, later, branching out into a national platform.

Yet another option would be to join a specific corporation and work the partnership from the corporate side. Each option takes her one step closer to reaching her goal post-MBA. The hardest part of acing the career goals essay takes place before you ever start writing. Be certain that you have your long- and short-term goals solid and ready to go before you approach the actual writing of the essay. Take your time on the pre-writing preparation. In any case, every solid career goals essay should touch upon the below concepts in some manner, so following our structure below is a great way to churn out a first draft.

How to Write an Awesome Essay About Your Career Goals

The art, then, comes in revision. Before moving on, be sure you can answer yes to both questions below:. Is your short-term goal a stepping stone between your MBA and your long-term goal? As with any essay, the career goals essay should have a beginning, middle, and end. Remember the goal of the career goals essay. Demonstrate a passion for a problem, and convince the admissions committee that you are the type of person who can solve it.

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You can show off that passion in 1, words or words. In , HBS reportedly received about 10, applications. In other words, your essay is going to be read alongside 9, other essays. So, how do you hook a reader at the start of your essay?

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Oftentimes, what hooks us is a problem. Think back to your long-term goal. Do this in as compelling a way as possible. Set the scene. Paint the picture. Give us stakes to sink our teeth into. The reader has to feel that this problem needs to be solved. You need to argue why it matters to you. In other words, why do you care?

Do you have a connection to the problem? Has the problem affected you negatively either in your personal or professional life? Establish this connection as early as possible. That would be an extremely personal, human response to a problem. The problem affects her directly through her past work experiences, and it affects the industry at large, too.

Placing herself at the center of the problem makes the problem personal. Making the problem personal is essential to arguing that she is the best person to solve it.